Seniors Bill of Rights

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                             Seniors Bill of Rights
Democrats in the House of Representatives will unwaveringly uphold the rights that we believe all seniors in the nation should hold.
  1. The right to a financially secure retirement, including:
    1. A stable Social Security system
    2. Safe retirement savings
    3. A secure pension    
  1. The right to quality affordable health care that:
    1. Cuts waste, fraud, and abuse – but not services – from Medicare
    2. Covers the high cost of prescription drugs by closing the “donut hole.”
  1. The right to live with dignity, meaning:
    1. Making important decisions with family members not bureaucrats
    2. Receiving appropriate long-term care
  1. The right to protection from scams and fraud, including:
    1. Credit card company abuses
    2. Identity theft
    3. Mortgage schemes
  1. The right to a strong economy for future generations that:
    1. Guarantees America’s place as a leader in the global economy
    2. Reinvests in manufacturing and American-made goods
    3. Trains students for the workforce of the future
    4. Ensures there are job opportunities for all who want a job
  1. The right to a safe and livable community, including:
    1. Investments in community policing and protection
    2. Rebuilt local infrastructure
  1. The right to earned veterans benefits, including:
    1. Prompt processing of benefit claims
    2. Strengthened VA medical system




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